Who will come out on top when centipede and snake fight to the death?

A snake will easily see off a centipede in a fight to the death, you may be thinking.

But watch the video above and you might find yourself eating a slice of humble pie.

For this is not just any centipede – this is a giant centipede with more grip than a Dyson.

In the shocking encounter between snake and insect it’s hard to tell which fearsome predator comes out on top.

The pair are seen wrestling and writhing around on the ground, each animal attempting to pin down and devour its rival.

While the snake uses its strong body to try to suffocate the centipede, it fights back, its many legs digging into the reptile’s skin.

It flips the snake over, causing it to twist and turn on the ground before finally losing the strength to fight back.

Neither animal is having a great time here (Picture: Metro Grab)

The centipede crawls on top of its nemesis and in a final blow, appears to sink its teeth into the snake’s neck.

The reptile’s body twitches before the video cuts out.

It is unclear where or when the footage was recorded, but it has been seen by thousands of viewers on video sharing site LiveLeak.

‘Giant centipede? Now there’s something else to add to my nightmares,’ one viewer commented on the clip.

Elswhere in the animal kingdom, tragic photographs have emerged showing how one of Kruger’s most famous lions has grown old and sick.

The lion, known as Skybed Scar, used to lead a pride but has now been pushed out from the protection and food his family used to provide.

Photographer Larry Anthony Pannell, 64, watched him for hours saying he knew he was ‘witnessing something very special – the real nature both life and death’.

Source: http://metro.co.uk/2018/05/23/will-come-top-centipede-snake-fight-death-7572871

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