Nine British teens hurt in Germany bus crash after driver, 90, ‘lost control’

The 90-year-old driver of a car has been rushed to hospital (Picture: Marc Eich/tx-foto.com)

Nine British schoolchildren have been injured in a bus crash in Germany.

A 90-year-old man is believed to have lost control over his car and crashed head-on into a double-decker bus in the Black Forest region.

Police told local media that the bus was carrying seven teachers and 73 pupils aged between 13 and 15.

The students suffered minor injuries, but the driver of the bus and the Audi both were both rushed to hospital in a helicopter with serious injuries.

Firefighters told local media that the 90-year-old man was unconscious when emergency services arrived.

Marc Eich/tx-foto.com

Nine students were treated for minor injuries with several more for shock (Picture: Marc Eich/tx-foto.com)

Marc Eich/tx-foto.com

The car hit the bus head-on (Picture: Marc Eich/tx-foto.com)

Marc Eich/tx-foto.com

It’s not know which part of the Britain the schoolkids are from (Picture: Marc Eich/tx-foto.com)

Marc Eich/tx-foto.com

THe 90-year-old man had to be pulled out with hydraulic equipment (Picture: Marc Eich/tx-foto.com)

A number of the teens were treated for shock.

The incident is under investigation and police have said it is not yet clear what caused the man to veer into oncoming traffic.

Emergency services attended the scene in the south-western town of Voehrenbach at around 9.15, local time, Monday morning.

Marc Eich/tx-foto.com

The drivers were rushed to hospital in a helicopter (Picture: Marc Eich/tx-foto.com)

Marc Eich/tx-foto.com

Debris at the scene (Picture: Marc Eich/tx-foto.com)

Marc Eich/tx-foto.com

It’s not know why the driver lost control (Picture: Marc Eich/tx-foto.com)

Marc Eich/tx-foto.com

Emergency services rushed to the scene around 9.15 local time on Monday morning (Picture: Marc Eich/tx-foto.com)

Images from the scene shows that the entire windscreen of the bus got smashed in the crash.

The Audi can be seen in a bad state with debris scattered across the road.

Source: http://metro.co.uk/2018/06/11/nine-british-teens-hurt-germany-bus-crash-driver-90-lost-control-7622963

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