Man arrested filling hotel bathtub up with potatoes wearing a bra on MDMA

James Johnson filled up a hotel with potatoes whilst high on drugs (Picture: Getty)

A drugged-up man was caught filling up a hotel bath with potatoes whilst wearing a bra during an epic five day MDMA binge.

When Judge Peter Henry asked James Johnson why he was filling up a bath with potatoes he replied: ‘It felt the right thing to do at the time.’

Johnson, 30, was caught by officers wearing a woman’s bra over his shirt and carrying a bag of spuds as he entered the Travelodge in Eastleigh.

Officers searched his room and found an ‘Aladdin’s cave’ of drugs, including ecstasy, another designer drug similar to MDMA called 5-MAPB and a psychedelic substance called 2CB.

Southampton Crown Court heard Johnson and two friends had decided to go on a one-night binge which ended up lasting five days.

Picture: Google Maps Man fills up hotel bath with potatoes wearing a bra during 19 hour drug binge

The Eastleigh Travelodge where James Johnson had a five days binge (Picture: Google Maps)

James Kellam, prosecuting, told the court hotel staff phoned the police after smelling cannabis in the room.

According to the Southampton Daily Echo Mr Kellam said: ‘They saw Johnson with the bag of potatoes and in women’s clothing.

‘It may be this that led officers to believe that he was intoxicated.’

He had bought the drugs on the dark web for around £750 but a drug expert found that the true value of the drugs was around £300.

Johnson, of Arundel, Ely, was charged with intent to supply drugs and pleaded guilty.

Unyime Davie, mitigating, said that Johnson was ‘remorseful’ and an ‘intelligent man who made a mistake’.

Judge Henry said the case was ‘odd and bizarre’ and sentenced Johnson to an 18-month community order, with the requirement to carry out a nine-month drug rehabilitation program.

Source: http://metro.co.uk/2018/05/21/man-caught-filling-hotel-bathtub-up-with-potatoes-while-wearing-a-bra-and-high-on-mdma-7565154

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