Jessica Biel Freaks After Jimmy Fallon Admits To Knowing Justin Timberlake’s Sex Safe Word

Well, we’re just as suspicious as Jessica Biel. For whatever reason, Jimmy Fallon knows the word her and Justin Timberlake use when things get too heated between the sheets…wait until you hear what it is!

Jimmy Fallon, 44, proved he really is BFFs with Justin Timberlake, 37…in the most awkward way possible! The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon host went head to head with Justin’s wife and surprise guest, Jessica Biel, 36, in a “Best Friends Challenge” on his Nov. 1 episode. It was a 16-year friendship versus a six-year marriage, but Jessica still had a leg up by correctly guessing her husband’s go-to cocktail and all-time favorite rappers (a tequila mule, Mase, and André 3000). A frustrated Jimmy finally had a moment of triumph when he correctly guessed the “Mirrors” singer’s safe word during sex, of all the questions. Jessica was so floored, she had to wipe tears from her eyes — watch the clip below to discover her and Justin’s unlikely safe word!

The whole challenge, and “interview” beforehand, was hilarious…and Justin didn’t even need to “Say Something” (sorry, we couldn’t resist). The former NSYNC member “severely bruised” his vocal cords, which he revealed in an Instagram post on Oct. 24. The singer didn’t disclose what caused the injury, but Jimmy did help out his pal by taking “the liberty” of recording ready-to-go answers to the host’s questions (AKA, just Jimmy being silly). Justin remained silent throughout, and fans still lost it after the interview aired! “Only Justin Timberlake could go on Jimmy Fallon’s @FallonTonight and not say a damn word and we’re all HOOKED 😂,” one fan tweeted. Another viewer chimed in, tweeting, “The bromance continues…@jtimberlake @jimmyfallon the two of you together is pure magic, always finding ways to make us laugh 😂 😂😂.”

Besides making Jimmy uncontrollably laugh, Justin was also on tonight’s show to promote his new autobiography Hindsight: And All The Things I Can’t See in Front of Me. It just hit bookshelves on Oct. 29! We’ve already reported two big revelations from the performer’s collection of anecdotes, which included smoking weed at the age of 13 and the surprising truth behind the songwriting process of “Cry Me A River,” which was about his infamous split from Britney Spears. Man, Justin’s throwing all kinds of surprises at us this week!

As you’ve witnessed above, the late night host took the “best friends” part of this challenge seriously. From meeting one another at the 2002 MTV Video Music Awards to brainstorming a recurring sketch on Saturday Night Live, called The Barry Gibb Talk Show, Jimmy and Justin have had their fair share of memories and laughs. We’re not crying, Jessica Biel is!

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